Tuesday, February 17, 2009



1.First and most important is to have confidence in yourself.Don’t lose that confidence while preparing for the entrance exams even if you are not doing well in the coaching classes.

2.Having mentioned about coaching classes,I would say they play an important role in helping you crack the exam.The simple reason being continued guidance throughout the year and perpetual tests that keep you in touch with course all the time.Hence it is important to be regular in them to be able to achieve good results in the end.

3.At home prepare a time table and follow it strictly.Don’t ignore it.

4.Don’t get too involved with only engineering books and refer to NCERT books too.With the new IIT pattern, a lot of questions are directly made from there which you might have already seen yourself by analyzing this year’s paper.

5.Don’t waste time and don’t stress yourself.Study in a balanced way and maintain a good friend circle who will guide you when you face doubts and also boost your morale.

6.This one is for toppers!Don’t get complacent.Many good rankers in coaching institutes get complacent if they good marks which in is bad in the long run as they lose out to lower rankers in the end.I have seen many cases.

7.To crack big papers it is very very important to be able to solve the paper completely.You might know all the questions but not been able to solve them is equivalent to not knowing them.So the golden rule is practice a lot of sample papers and in the exams not to waste time on a single question.

8.Stay away from computers as much as possible! This is a major distraction from students from towns and cities as you don’t get to know how quickly time is slipping out of your hands along with straining your eyes and body which makes you dizzy and you are off to sleep!

9.Choosing the right books for entrance exams is very important.Consult IITians and your teachers about them to make sure that you get your hands on the right ones and don’t waste your time in trying out new books every time.

10.Last but very important point is not to get nervous while going for the exam.This will get your hands and brain move faster,quicker and better than those who are nervous!

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